A small droplet of some of my work.

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Friggin Lazers test for personal game

Quick video test of lasers and shield and bot explosions in unity for hobby project see crowdcontrol below.

Magnetic field Sim - WebGL

Written in javascript using WebGL for rendering, I was playing around with Maxwells equations and wanted to write a simulation to play around with Gausses law of magnetism.

Virtual Reality Meeting room

Written for a customer, this allows people to meet in VR and show models, pdfs, live screens, whiteboard etc. Its a way to have people from all over the world meet together in a virtual boardroom. This video shows a early demo of large 3d building model, flying around and inspecting it together as a group, going to the board room. Voice for all participants is live. The front end is a web interface in which you create/update meetings and send invitations out etc. Apologies for the wide angle lens on the camera, in VR it looks correct.

Crowd Control/Drones game

Being written in spare time just for fun. A fun puzzle style game about rescuing people with limited abilities and resources. Inspired by the old Lemmings games of the 1990's, its a new take on the rescue concept

Simulating cash flow in a society

A simulation inspired by Warren Buffets story about Thriftville vs Squanderville. Written in Unity, the idea is to trace the flow of money as it enters and leaves a community/city. The question it tries to answer is, Does the number of times money changes hands in a community before leaving it indicate the economic health of that community. Everyone assumes that Buying Local matters to a healthy local economy, this simulation allows people to play with the flow and find out for themselves.

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