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Friggin Lazers test for personal game

Quick Unity video test of lasers and shield shaders/Powerups and Glitch shader in unity for hobby project see crowdcontrol below. This is mainly a test of the Glitch shader, it ramps up to max near the end

Drones Intro level puzzle

First simple level of Drones game, personal project, working on 100+ levels, this is the first simple one

Magnetic field Physics Sim - WebGL

Written in javascript using WebGL for rendering, I was playing around with Maxwells equations and wanted to write a simulation to play around with Gausses law of magnetism.

Android Rubiks Cube using Unity, Quarantine lockdown boredom, done over weekend

Decided to play with making blender models and getting a rubiks cube toy written for Android...next is to write some AI code to solve it

Virtual Reality Meeting room

Written for a customer, this allows people to meet in VR and show models, pdfs, live screens, whiteboard etc. Its a way to have people from all over the world meet together in a virtual boardroom. This video shows a early demo of large 3d building model, flying around and inspecting it together as a group, going to the board room. Voice for all participants is live. The front end is a web interface in which you create/update meetings and send invitations out etc. Apologies for the wide angle lens on the camera, in VR it looks correct.

Hololens mine meeting/network space.

Virtual meeting space. You can log in through your browser, and it will let your Vive or Mixed reality headset view the world through the browsers VR. This is using WebGL in the browser, the server is compiled and runs straight under windows or linux. Hololens is compiled Unity project Users can place hazard points and share the VR experience. This is from the hololens perspective, so it'll see a bit odd compared to immersive VR. Using Unity and Mirror for networking.

VR Meeting Server with Hololens mine meeting/network space.

This is the web front end to the above VR Meeting space. Also creates the UI for creating meetings, sending out email invites, scheduling meeting times. Uploading models to virtual spaces for review etc. Still under construction.

Simulating cash flow in a society

A simulation inspired by Warren Buffets story about Thriftville vs Squanderville. Written in Unity, the idea is to trace the flow of money as it enters and leaves a community/city. The question it tries to answer is, Does the number of times money changes hands in a community before leaving it indicate the economic health of that community. Everyone assumes that Buying Local matters to a healthy local economy, this simulation allows people to play with the flow and find out for themselves.

Android Unity Tetris 2 player head to head bluetooth between two phones, another 2 day weekender simple game for fun

Wanted to play with bluetooth network on phones, so I created a head-to-head tetris game where you throw blocks at each other from each phone

Electrical Box WebGL test

Was testing abilities of WebGL and ideas on game puzzles using PLC (programmable logic controllers) and teaching wiring through gameplay

Crowd Control/Drones game

Being written in spare time just for fun. A fun puzzle style game about rescuing people with limited abilities and resources. Inspired by the old Lemmings games of the 1990's, its a new take on the rescue concept

Android Video Poker, Quarantine lockdown boredom, pumping a game/day out for fun.

Created quick Video poker knockoff, going to add bluetooth 2 player and texas-holdum in a bit

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